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Kudzu – A MidCentury Mecca

Posted on: December 28, 2011

Those of us who grew up in the 50s and 60s can remember a much simpler world. No cell phones. No internet. No Kardashians.

The furnishings of that time, while not technically ‘antiques’, have nonetheless created their own avid following of collectors, and are now popularly called “mid-century”. The popularity of shows like ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Pan Am’ have helped fueled the craze for midcentury; if you have any doubts about what that design style means, just check out the Emmy Award winning art design for those shows. Sleek lines, abstract design motifs, those classic ‘oranges’ and ‘greens’, imbued with a post-war California moderinism all help to define the classic midcentury look.

So what are some hallmarks of furniture from this period? Heavily influenced by ‘Scandinavian’ design, the lines are clean and balanced, with teak or walnut often the wood of choice. The look is a classic marriage of form and function — at home in almost any contemporary style of décor. Part of the beauty of mid-century is you don’t have to stop with the furniture. Glassware, kitchen items, wall ornamentation, small vintage items . . . your whole house can go completely Lucy and Ricky….and you!

Kudzu has evolved into one of Georgia’s major mid-century furniture meccas, featuring dozens of dealers in its 25,000 sq.ft. who not only feature great midcentury furniture, lighting, and home décor, but at prices far below what you’ll find at ‘midcentury’ shops elsewhere. And Kudzu has just landed a container from Europe partially filled with some of the best Scandinavian midcentury furniture you’ll find anywhere.

So if you’re ‘hip’ to midcentury, groove on in to Kudzu.  Flashing a peace sign is optional.


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